What Makes Linux Computers Different?

Linux is an open-source operating system used for computers, servers, embedded, and mobile devices making it one of the most supported operating systems today. The use of the Linux operating system has penetrated different areas of computing.

Its development and distribution made Linux operating system available for almost any computing task. Some of the popular Linux distributors are Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu, Red Hat Enterprise, and Susi Linux Entrepreneur. But despite its popularity, not all are familiar or comfortable using and navigating Linux computers.

How do Linux operated computers differ from others?

The same with other operating systems installed on your computer that you are accustomed to, Linux computers also feature graphical interface, word processors, photo and video editors, and such. But then again, Linux computers are also special for a variety of reasons.

  • First, Linux is open-source software, which means it is free to use, free to view, free to edit. Users with appropriate skills can contribute to the development and improvement of the software by altering the code according to his/her needs.
  • Second, Linux is highly customizable from applications, word processors, web browsers, and others can be swapped out. The same goes with Linux’s core components like user-interface and system display graphics, users have the option to choose.
  • Third, with Linux, users are free to modify the software, can re-use in any number of systems, and can even make money by selling the modified version which you cannot do in any other OS.
  • Fourth, the Linux system is hard to break through, so you have the confidence that the risk of hackers or viruses invading your Linux computers is very minimal.
  • Fifth, Linux users have full control over their Linux computers when it comes to updates where one will only install when it is needed. Plus, it only takes less time to update your Linux computers without the need for a reboot.
  • Lastly, Linux OS may be a little complicated to install, can complete complex tasks easier compared to other OS you are accustomed to. Besides, Linux has a large community of support and users through online forums and websites that are accessible for free.

The key difference of Linux operated computers:

  • Linux is open source
  • Since users have access to source code, users can easily alter and modify the code as per user’s needs.
  • Linux distributions do not collect data from its users, so privacy concern is not an issue
  • Linux supports a multitude of free software
  • Linux software’s programs, utilities, and complex applications are almost free
  • Linux software is reliable and secure as it can easily identify and fix bugs
  • The X kill command makes it easier to kill an application when it hangs
  • Linux computers run faster compared to computers with different OS

Hopefully, users will find this Linux operating system and Linux computers overview helpful. May the information in this article give computer users an idea that Linux offers many advantages over others.

Those who are looking to change the operating system for their computers, you may want to check out the benefits of using Linux computers.

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