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  • Automated Data Collection With Outlook

    Automated Data Collection With Outlook

    Salesforce is an immensely helpful piece of software, but it can also be a pain to fill out, especially when dealing with large volumes of data. Luckily, there’s a way to automate this process. This article shares the answers to the following questions: How can you automate data capture with a Salesforce Outlook plugin? What […]

  • How Much Does AWS Cost? 2022 Updated Pricing Information

    How Much Does AWS Cost? 2022 Updated Pricing Information

    If you are an IT professional, you may not need any introduction to AWS. chances are you might already be using it. Well, Amazon has become a household name today and it is not only known for its eCommerce service.  Amazon Web Services or AWS is one of its most profitable subsidiaries. It was the […]

  • Second-Generation Cloud Computing – IaaS Services

    In today’s digital world, many businesses require databases and storage facilities to store essential data. It is where an Infrastructure as service (IaaS) service enters the picture. It refers to service models which allow companies to run their data infrastructure, including the hardware, the software, and the network to a cloud system. Due to this […]

  • Egenera Cloud Suite: Build Reliable, Customizable Cloud Services

    Today’s cloud customers are demanding more reliable, custom-fit cloud services. Unfortunately, many providers lack a solution to address these changing requirements. In order to succeed, emerging cloud service providers must choose a cloud management platform that not only allows them to design and deliver unique service offerings but also meets their customers’ mission-critical requirements. This […]

  • Prepare for the Worst: What Nirvanix Teaches Us about Cloud Storage Reliability

    This week, customers of cloud storage provider Nirvanix are facing a big data nightmare. Giving only two-weeks notice, Nirvanix has announced that it is shutting down September 30, and that customers must move their data or lose it. Data loss is a big fear for any cloud storage user, especially enterprise customers. Some of the largest […]

  • Cloud Federation: Dream or Reality?

    Cloud computing vendors and service providers are increasingly making plans and announcements related to cloud federation. One of the basic objectives for this approach is to offer customers more choice by providing a related set of cloud services from multiple providers. While a single infrastructure as a service (IaaS) provider with a single data center […]

  • The Big Cloud Winners Are…Not Just the Hyperscale Players

    It may come as a surprise, but the big winners in the infrastructure-as-a-service space aren’t just the hyperscale players. Those providers – including AWS, Microsoft, and Google – do receive a lot of media attention, and help set the pace for the industry with features and capabilities that others imitate. However, they also create unreasonable […]

  • Compliance Drives Buying Decisions in the Cloud

    Compliance is important to cloud adopters and remains a barrier to entry for some large enterprises and government agencies. Without assurance that services will meet the right standards, many adopters are unwilling to put their data and applications in the cloud. Companies planning to store or share sensitive data often use high-level certifications – such […]

  • Revisiting the Benefits of SaaS

    I’ve recently spent some time with Verismic Software (see, a company that develops cloud-based IT management technology. As I looked at the value proposition and benefits of the company’s SaaS portfolio – including Cloud Management Suite (CMS), Power Manager, Application Packaging Service and Password reset – I couldn’t help but think back to the […]

  • The Cloud Computing Industry Segments

    Those following cloud computing, even at just a high level, have surely been exposed by now to the three common delivery models for cloud services: Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). These delivery models hint at the structure of the cloud computing industry, but of […]

  • Penguin Computing – Penguin on Demand

    Penguin on Demand (or “POD”) offers end-users and SaaS providers a high performance, on-demand and scalable HPC computing environment accessible from their workstation or as a virtual extension to their existing HPC cluster. POD is an excellent choice for researchers, scientists and engineers who require surge capacity for time-critical analyses or for small to medium-sized […]

  • Objectivity: Complex Data-Management, Simplified

    Objectivity, Inc. is a global technology leader in data management products and services for software applications with the most demanding data management challenges. The company’s flagship product, Objectivity/DB, is used by government, security, complex manufacturing, commercial services, science, and engineering organizations to manage massive volumes of complex, interrelated data. Cloud computing is rapidly becoming a […]

  • Overcoming Inconsistent Public Cloud Performance

    Most public clouds fall short when it comes to delivering a consistent and predictable level of performance. This is problematic for I/O intensive workloads and latency sensitive applications such as large databases. Ultimately, inconsistent performance leads to business issues including decline in competitive position, customer churn, lost revenue and higher IT costs. Consistent cloud performance […]

  • 3 Cool Ways to Benefit from Docker Containers

    In 2014, Docker announced the official release of Docker 1.0 and its support for enterprise-class production workloads. The open source software allows developers and operations staff to “package” applications within Linux containers, and then deploy them on any machine – physical or virtual – that is running a Linux OS with version 3.8 or higher […]