About Us

Welcome to CloudiBee

If you are looking for a cloud computing industry analyst, you’ve come to the right place. 

Based on independent research and analysis, Cloudibee delivers essential knowledge and guidance to cloud-related technology vendors, service providers and systems integrators, as well as business and IT organizations that purchase and use cloud-related services and technology. Our offerings include research, advisory and collateral development services that help our customers—and their customers—make optimal decisions and formulate winning strategies.

Research. Analyze. Cloudibee.


Cloudibee conducts research, develops white papers, writes case studies and delivers other services that are funded by vendors and service providers. These organizations are our customers and we are proud to work with them.  At the same time, we maintain independent control of what we publish in writing under the Cloudibee brand.

Cloudibee white papers, case studies and other reports:

Our customers get to review and comment on the collateral we produce for them. However, Cloudibee maintains ultimate control over all the information it publishes and there are times we must say no. Sometimes a customer is convinced they are the first or only ones to offer a new feature. Other times they may have a more positive opinion about their competitive position than we do. Cloudibee maintains final editorial control in these and other situations.

Cloudibee research:

Our customers have influence over the topics we research. Cloudibee usually selects the overall topic and then invites sponsors to participate and provide funding for the research. We design the survey questions. Research sponsors often, but not always, get to review and add their comments and suggestions. This is helpful and surveys are often improved because of it. Cloudibee implements the surveys and uses an invitation-only approach to ensure high quality respondents. Sponsors do not get access to the survey location and thus can not influence the survey results. We do sometimes set up a special survey location that allows sponsors to invite respondents of their own. In this case, the sponsor population is tracked separately from the primary population and can provide the sponsor with insights to its customer base.  We may also invite non-screened participants, keeping that data separate and using it to test against the results from the pre-screened population.

Cloudibee independently processes the research data, calculates the relevant statistics and analyzes all the results. We then produce Cloudibee-branded research reports and white papers, some that include sponsor logos. Sponsors get to review and comment on any documents which include their logo. Cloudibee maintains ultimate control over all of the information it publishes, including documents with sponsor logos. Research sponsors are also entitled to use the resulting research data to produce documents, web pages and other collateral on their own. Cloudibee does not have full control over sponsor use of research data. However, we do request and expect that sponsors use all data in an accurate and appropriate manner.