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  • How-to Linux List Processes in 3 Simple Commands

    If you are new to Linux, it is essential that you know how to determine the processes that consume most of your resources. You can manage them accordingly if you know where to begin. Processes in Linux Processes are running programs launched via opening an application or executing a command via the command-line terminal. Note […]

  • What Makes Linux Computers Different?

    Linux is an open-source operating system used for computers, servers, embedded, and mobile devices making it one of the most supported operating systems today. The use of the Linux operating system has penetrated different areas of computing. Its development and distribution made Linux operating system available for almost any computing task. Some of the popular […]

  • How to Uninstall Unused Old Kernels

    During updates your old Linux kernels pile up.  Then one day when you try to do your next updates, an interesting alert comes up from the server.  Basically, it tells you that your boot partition is full and can not fit any more kernels.  Sounds easy, right? It will be easy for those of you […]