Tuning Netapp snapmirror/snapvault speed

In Netapp, there is a option to set/limit bandwidth of all snapmirror and snapvault transfers. The option can be either system-wide or for a particular transfer. We can tune either the transmit bandwidth on the source or the receive bandwidth on the destination or both together. For particular transfer, you can tune the throttle from snapmirror.conf.

When both per transfer and system-wide throttling are configured, throttling at system wide is applied only if the combined bandwidth used by all the relationships goes above the system-wide throttling value. System-wide throttling is enabled by using three new options using the options command.

To list the tunable replication throttle values:

destination-filer*> options replication replication.throttle.enable  off replication.throttle.incoming.max_kbs unlimited replication.throttle.outgoing.max_kbs unlimited

Enable Throttling: This enables throttling of Snapmirror and Snapvault transfers.

destination-filer*> options replication.throttle.enable  on

Set incoming bandwidth limit:

destination-filer*> options replication.throttle.incoming.max_kbs 1024

This netapp option has to be applied on the destination system. This option specifies the maximum total bandwidth used by all the incoming SnapMirror and SnapVault transfers, specified in kilobytes/sec. The default value is “unlimited” .

Set outgoing bandwidth limit:

source-filer*> options replication.throttle.outgoing.max_kbs 1024

This Netapp option has to be applied on the source system. This option specifies the maximum total bandwidth used by all the outgoing SnapMirror and SnapVault transfers specified in kilobytes/sec.

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