Troubleshooting Linux and MySQL Introduction

One Web Site Instead of All Books

Honestly, my dream is to find a great book on Apache server. From time to time I still keep this dream alive by religiously buying newly published books on Apache. But after reading half of the new book, I realize, that I am not getting any new “inside” information that will put AFG Solutions ahead of its competitors.

So, here is my conclusion: You may find anything about Apache Web server, its new features, configuration, etc on Apache’s own web site. I think, we are just getting too lazy to read stuff off Internet, plus the above mentioned reasons that I was talking about. And I also, honestly, think, that authors got our attitude and make a lot of money on us by just rephrasing the same information taken from Apache Web site. is a truly great site, maybe a little bit chaotic and slightly disorganized. But that is where you need to turn to in your times of trouble.

Troubleshooting Linux

We all had problems with Linux and sometimes had to spend hours searching for solutions, googling and surfing message boards. Would not it be nice if the whole troubleshooting guide will be in one place?

There are many sites that try to create that kind of all-encompassing tutorial for troubleshooting with different level of success.  I can recommend one of them that stands aside from the others. This Wiki deals with software and debugging mostly, but people of various Linux/Unix skills might fine them intriguing. So, read on!

Quick introduction to MySQL

There is a lot of books written about MySQL, some of them are very deep and profound and explore endless possibilities of this true “people” database server. But very often this is not for a beginner, who just enters the world of databases, needs. He needs to read a little and to build upon it fast, especially if his manager is very demanding.

Well, dear friends, save your money and go directly to the source. It should help you to start with MySQL in a couple of days (if not the same day).  There is a nice tutorial in MySQL reference manual written by developers of this database server.

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