Top Open Source Email Servers

An email server is like your virtual postal service that handles the incoming and outgoing emails within your network. It is the one responsible for routing your emails to their destinations – colleagues, associates, friends, family, and such.

Apart from the usual free email servers that you know or currently using, there are abundant choices of open source emails that you can try. Some are fitting for professionals and businesses, compatible with the Linux platform, and more with a wide range of features.

Below are some of the best open source email servers that you can try:


Horde is a web-based email application that lets you organize and manage your emails; send and receive emails, manage and share calendars, tasks within and beyond the user’s own network.

However, this enterprise ready email may not be suitable for someone that is not tech savvy as this is kind of complicated to set-up.

But since Horde is browser-based, this can be accessed anywhere as long as you have an Internet connection. With a wide range of application features and productivity tools, business users can track important dates through alarms and date reminders, vacation settings for automated replies, and more.


Zimbra is the all in one solution if you are looking for both: an email server and webmail client. Already classified as enterprise email, Zimbra offers a clean interface with tons of features and benefits you do not want to miss. Zimbra has an intelligent spam filtering feature that saves you time from getting rid of unwanted emails.

It also enables users to create back-up important emails, classify your documents storage, and a calendar that can be shared with team members for reminders.


This standard-based webmail server is easy to use and easy to configure which is recommended for users who only want to read, reply, and send emails.

It has an address book option to save email addresses and the ability to search and flag mails. However, SquirrelMail does not support HTML composition, hence, the text only composition.


RoundCube is another option if you want a user-friendly interface but with features like HTML composition, custom mail plugins, and more. It also features a spelling checker, automated email composition and templates, and a drop and drag feature for organizing your emails.

In addition, this web-based email has 70 language translations and supports third party plugins.


Scalix is a Linux email server that is compatible with enterprise level email clients. It offers ample features such as calendar service allowing synchronized calendar access for all team members, supports Linux, Windows, and MAC computers, Blackberry, and other mobile devices. Scalix is available in community version for free and commercial (supported) version.

Communication plays an essential role in today’s modern and busy world. But with so many options available, choosing the best open source email server is not easy.

However at the end of the day, picking the right open source email servicer depends largely on your personal or business needs.

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