Netapp Simulator – Installation steps

Those who are newly learning Netapp can use Netapp Data OnTap Simulator to get comfortable with Netapp commands. This tool gives you the experience of administering and using a NetApp storage system with all the features of Data ONTAP.  The Simulator can be downloaded from ( you need NOW access ). The simulator has fully functional license keys for all Netapp functionalities.

The simulator can be loaded onto a Red Hat or SuSE Linux box and looks and feels exactly like Data ONTAP. Almost anything you can do with Data ONTAP can be done with the simulator. Without purchasing new hardware or impacting your production environment, you can test functionality, export NFS and CIFS shares etc.

Steps to install Simulator:

  1. Download the simulator iso from netapp and mount it on a linux machine.
  2. [[email protected] ~]# mount -o loop 7.3.2-sim-cdrom-image-v22.iso /mnt
    [[email protected] ~]# cd /mnt
    [[email protected] mnt]# ls
    disks2.tgz  disks.tgz  doc  license.htm  readme.htm  sim.tgz  Vmware, Linux and Simulator installation.doc

  3. Install the simulator software, using the setup script as below
  4. [[email protected] mnt]# ./

    Script version 22 (18/Sep/2007)
    Where to install to? [/sim]: /data/
    /data/ already exists. This may overwrite files.
    Are you sure? [no]: yes
    Would you like to install as a cluster? [no]: no
    Would you like full HTML/PDF FilerView documentation to be installed [yes]: yes
    Continue with installation? [no]: yes
    Creating /data/
    Unpacking sim.tgz to /data/
    Configured the simulators mac address to be [00:50:56:14:1c:d9]
    Please ensure the simulator is not running.
    Your simulator has 3 disk(s). How many more would you like to add? [0]: 21

    The following disk types are available in MB:
            Real (Usable)
      a –   43   ( 14)
      b –   62   ( 30)
      c –   78   ( 45)
      d –  129   ( 90)
      e –  535   (450)
      f – 1024   (900)

    If you are unsure choose the default option a
    What disk size would you like to use? [a]: e
    Disk adapter to put disks on? [0]:
    Use DHCP on first boot? [yes]:
    Ask for floppy boot? [no]:
    Checking the default route…
    You have a single network interface called eth0 (default route) .
    Which network interface should the simulator use? [default]:
    The recommended memory is 512MB.
    How much memory would you like the simulator to use? [512]:
    Create a new log for each session? [no]: yes
    Adding 21 additional disk(s).
    Complete. Run /data/ to start the simulator.
    [[email protected] mnt]#

  5. Run /data/ and provide the details during the first boot and halt the simulator.

  6. Run /data/ to start the Netapp simulator again. You can launch the FilerView with url http://ip-address-of-simulator/na_admin.
  7. [[email protected] data]# /data/ script version Script version 22 (18/Sep/2007)
    This session is logged in /data/sessionlogs/log-1265126584

    NetApp Release 7.3.2: Thu Oct 15 03:13:41 PDT 2009
    Copyright (c) 1992-2009 NetApp.
    Starting boot on Tue Feb  2 16:03:05 GMT 2010
    Tue Feb  2 16:03:35 GMT [fmmb.current.lock.disk:info]: Disk v4.16 is a local HA mailbox disk.
    Tue Feb  2 16:03:35 GMT [fmmb.current.lock.disk:info]: Disk v4.17 is a local HA mailbox disk.
    Tue Feb  2 16:03:35 GMT [fmmb.instStat.change:info]: normal mailbox instance on local side.
    Tue Feb  2 16:03:37 GMT [raid.cksum.replay.summary:info]: Replayed 0 checksum blocks.
    Tue Feb  2 16:03:37 GMT [raid.stripe.replay.summary:info]: Replayed 0 stripes.
    sparse volume upgrade done. num vol 0.
    Vdisk Snap Table for host:0 is initialized
    Tue Feb  2 16:03:40 GMT [vol.language.unspecified:info]: Language not set on volume vol0. Using language config “C”. Use vol lang to set language.
    Tue Feb  2 16:03:40 GMT [rc:notice]: The system was down for 39 seconds
    Tue Feb  2 16:03:56 GMT [dfu.firmwareUpToDate:info]: Firmware is up-to-date on all disk drives
    Tue Feb  2 16:03:56 GMT [sfu.firmwareUpToDate:info]: Firmware is up-to-date on all disk shelves.
    Tue Feb  2 16:03:56 GMT [netif.linkUp:info]: Ethernet ns0: Link up.
    Tue Feb  2 16:03:57 GMT [perf.archive.start:info]: Performance archiver started. Sampling 22 objects and 195 counters.
    add net default: gateway
    Tue Feb  2 16:04:03 GMT [mgr.boot.disk_done:info]: NetApp Release 7.3.2 boot complete. Last disk update written at Tue Feb  2 16:03:01 GMT 2010
    Tue Feb  2 16:04:03 GMT [mgr.boot.reason_ok:notice]: System rebooted after a halt command.
    CIFS local server is running.

    unixfoo-simulator> Tue Feb  2 16:04:13 GMT [console_login_mgr:info]: root logged in from console

Documents related to Netapp Simulator :

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