AIX tips

  1. How to find the processors on an AIX server?

    [root@unixfoo-aix /]# lsdev -C -c processor -S a
    proc0 Available 00-00 Processor
    [root@unixfoo-aix /]#

  2. How to identify the disks attached to an AIX server?

    [root@unixfoo-aix /]# lsdev -C -c disk -S a
    hdisk0 Available 10-80-00-2,0 16 Bit LVD SCSI Disk Drive
    hdisk1 Available 10-80-00-4,0 16 Bit LVD SCSI Disk Drive
    [root@unixfoo-aix /]#

  3. How to identify firmware, model, systemid, memory of a AIX server?

    [root@unixfoo-aix /]# lsattr -El sys0 -a boottype,fwversion,modelname,systemid,realmem
    boottype  disk          N/A                                        False
    fwversion IBM,TCP05387  Firmware version and revision levels       False
    modelname IBM,7046-B50  Machine name                               False
    systemid  IBM,0118DD6B0 Hardware system identifier                 False
    realmem   1048576       Amount of usable physical memory in Kbytes False
    [root@unixfoo-aix /]#

  4. Identifying network interface speed on a AIX server.

    [root@unixfoo-aix /]# entstat -d ent0 | grep ‘Media Speed Running:’
    Media Speed Running: 100 Mbps Full Duplex
    [root@unixfoo-aix /]#

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