AIX syslog

By default, syslog is not enabled on an AIX system. The default install on an AIX install will not place entry’s in /etc/syslog.conf, leaving it empty. So to make sure that your syslog works, you need to do the following.

In /etc/syslog.conf, add the below. You can change this according to your requirement.

mail.debug      /var/log/mail.log
kern.debug      /var/log/kern.log
syslog.debug    /var/log/syslog.log
daemon.debug    /var/log/daemon.log
local2.debug    /var/log/sudo.log

As AIX doesnt have logrotate daemon running, you have to make syslog handle this. Something like this ..

mail.debug   /var/log/mail.log  rotate size 100k files 2         # 2 files, 100kB each
local2.debug /var/log/sudo.log  rotate size 500k files 2         # 2 files, 500kB each
kern.debug   /var/log/kern.log  rotate files 12 time 1m compress # 12 files, monthly rotate & compress

Make sure to restart syslogd.

# refresh -s syslogd
0513-095 The request for subsystem refresh was completed successfully.


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