Being a leader in a company not only requires professional skills to achieve objectives through work performed, but it also requires improving personal qualities in different areas that cover performance in the workplace and good organization with employees.

To be successful, people in leadership positions must be passionate, inspiring, and capable of motivating others through skills in decision-making, problem-solving, and even interpersonal communication. Self-developing as a leader is a challenge that Marc Anthony Hurr knows perfectly well. As an expert in financial matters and the founder and director of successful companies, he shares the following strategies:

Keys to being a good leader

  1. Improve communication

One of the most important points in self-developing as a leader is paying attention to the communication process. Addressing issues seems easy, but directing teams and assigning tasks is more complicated if you do not take into account the importance of listening to others to understand their concerns and whether there are doubts about the work being executed.

  1. Keep a record of activities

In addition to being aware of the work employees perform, another strategy that helps optimize a company’s progress is for leaders to keep a journal where they record not only their accomplishments, but also things that could be improved for future business scenarios. With notes, it’s easier to learn from mistakes and remember what didn’t work.

  1. Learn to delegate

Another fundamental characteristic for leaders in the workplace is how they delegate tasks to employees. Assigning tasks improves productivity and helps utilize the talent of team members, but it also requires a method that must be developed to avoid conflicts and make the needs more efficient or appropriate.

Marc Anthony Hurr’s experience emphasizes that applying these keys as a leader of a company will expand skills and competencies to always set a good example that leads the company down the path of success.


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