Do you love taking your truck or SUV off-road? This can be one of the most exciting ways to use your vehicle. However, there are some trails and terrains that are too challenging for the factory variants of popular off-roaders such as Jeeps and Raptors. Modifying your vehicle with a few suspension upgrades may be the right option for you. The following are a few of the reasons why.

Clearance In Rugged Terrain

If you install a lift kit, such as one by ProComp, you will get some extra clearance from the ground. This can help you to bring your vehicle over obstacles such as boulders, stumps and ridges. Clearance is one of the most limiting factors in off-roading.

Additionally, increasing the clearance will improve your approach and departure angles. These are especially important values when you are taking on a grade. Being able to take on steep angles will allow you to off-road in more places.

Extra clearance is about more than just taking on more challenging trails. When you are off-road, you can’t call a tow truck to get you out of a tight spot. Thus, you likely want to have sufficient technic to handle anything the trail may throw at you. A lift kit can significantly help with that. Plus, you don’t want to scrape the underside of your vehicle every time you go out.

Shock Absorption

Improved suspension will also improve how your vehicle handles shocks on the trails. As you likely know, your suspension helps to absorb and dampen all the bumps and unevenness of the ground. However, this is about more than just comfort. With the right suspension, you can take on more computer obstacles and take trails a little quicker without becoming unsafe.

An upgrade such as a new set of King Shocks can really improve your performance. Just make sure you are shopping for off-road suspension. Performance on-road shocks increase stiffness and can hurt off-road capability. It can help to shop for parts with a specialist retailer such as 4 Wheel Parts.

Off-Road Wheels and Tires

With upgraded suspension components, you can typically fit larger wheels and tires. This is useful because your factory tires are probably not capable of handling serious off-road situations. A small upgrade can help you to take on mud, sand or rock.

When you are shopping for off-road truck tires and rims, keep in mind that different terrains offer their own challenges. You can, of course, opt for all-around off-road tires. However, if you plan to take on sand a lot, for example, you may not want to get tires that are best suited for rock.

Get New Suspension Parts Today

Upgrading the suspension of your off-road truck or SUV can help you to have a lot more fun on the trail. The above ideas are three of the key reasons why upgraded suspensions are worth it. However, there are plenty of other good reasons to consider an upgrade. You may want to do it just for the looks. So, check out some suspension upgrades today.

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