How to Use a Bank Account to the Max as a Family

How to Use a Bank Account to the Max as a Family

Families have different needs for bank accounts than singles and couples often do. If you’re interested in making sure you’re using your bank account in the most effective way, you’ll want to adapt the way you use your bank account to your family needs, rather than just trying to maintain how you use your bank account as a single person or a couple. Here are four things you can do for better bank account usage as a family.

1. Sign Up for New Accounts With Good Sign-Up Bonuses

Sign-up bonuses are surprisingly common for bank accounts. Most often, these bonuses are available for people who have payment that they can receive through direct deposit, like people with a government pension, traditional employer, or disability payments. The Chase checking account, for example, currently has a $225 sign-up bonus, and many companies offer similar competitive bonuses.

2. Avoid Other Fees That Might Be Part of the Bank

Every bank has certain fees, but some banks may have more fees than others. A maintenance fee, for example, may be part of the fee structure of your bank unless you have more than a certain dollar amount in your bank on a regular basis. Check the fee list before you sign up, and make sure you have a plan for avoiding as many of those fees as possible.

3. Consider Signing Up for a Savings Account

Many bank accounts offer both checking and savings accounts. Savings accounts can be a good way to keep some of your money stored away for a period of time until you need to use it. However, not all savings accounts are created equal – you need to look at fee lists, APY, requirements for opening an account, and more. To get the most out of your savings account, you’ll probably want to look for a high-yield account.

4. Check for Third-Party Benefits and Bonuses

Some banks have third-party agreements with other companies that aren’t competing with them in any way. For example, a bank may be able to save you money on every Uber ride you take when you use the debit card hooked up to your bank account. While some of these benefits may be things that the company proudly advertises to its users, some will be a bit more difficult to find. Make sure you read through all the information about your account when you first open it to find out all the benefits you could be eligible for.


Families are going to use bank accounts, but the way they use those bank accounts may vary depending on your unique needs as a family. Many people don’t know how to maximize the usage of their bank account. These four tips can help you save more money just by tweaking the ways in which you use your bank account. If you follow them, you’ll be more likely to get all sorts of benefits that you would have otherwise missed out on.

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