Linux commands, Bind Configuration and Free DNS Tools

Linux Commands

If you need to find out quickly what a certain Linux/Unix command means, this manual comes really hand. It will provide you with all commands from A to Z, and will give you brief, but powerful explanation at no time.

Bind Configuration

Another great Howto that describes how to configure quickly home-based DNS Server. In fact, it is more than a simple tutorial. The author goes to great pains to explain what DNS and Bind are, how to use DNS domains and a lot of other useful information. This may save you a lot of money, because I find this tutorial better than several books on DNS topics that I purchased.  And, trust me, these books were not cheap.

Free DNS Tools

After you completed reading the tutorial and successfully set up your DNS server, you start wondering how to tighten the security of your Bind and prepare against these nasty DNS attacks that you were reading about. Not to worry, a great site provides you with free DNS tools that will help you figure out who is “knocking at your door” in the middle of the night. Use these tools wisely.

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