Some Netapp terms..

Snapshot – is a technology that helps to create point-in-time copies of file systems, which you can use to protect data as a backup from a single file to a complete disaster. Snapshot can be taken on a up & running filesystem and takes copies in less than a second, regardless of volume size or level of activity netapp storage.

Snapmirror – is a data replication software provided by netapp. This mirrors & replicates data across global network at high speeds. Snapmirror can be synchronous & asynchronous and can be performed on qtree and volume.

Snapvault – is a heterogeneous disk-to-disk backup solution for Netapp filers and systems with other OS (Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, Windows, and Linux). In event of data loss or corruption on a filer, backed up data can be restored from the SnapVault secondary storage system with less downtime and less of the uncertainty associated with conventional tape backup and restore operations.

Flexclone – is a technology that is a based on Netapp snapshot. This can creates true clones of volumes – instantly replicated the data – without requiring additional storage space. Flexclone works on data volumes and FCP iSCSI  luns.

Flexcache – is the caching layer which can store cache copies of flexvolumes across datacenters. FlexCache automatically replicates and serves hot data sets anywhere in your infrastructure using local caching volumes.

Deduplication – is a technology to control the rate of data growth. The average UNIX or Windows disk volume contains thousands or even millions of duplicate data objects. As data is created, distributed, backed up, and archived, duplicate data objects are stored unabated across all storage tiers. The end result is inefficient utilization of data storage resources. By eliminating redundant data objects and referencing just the original object, huge benefit is obtained through storage space efficiencies – which results in “Cost benefit” and “Management benefit”.

Autosupport : Netapp OS [Data ONTAP] is capable of sending automated notification to Customer Support at Network Appliance and/or to other designated addressees in certain situations. The notification is called autosupport and it contains useful information to help them solve or recognize problems quickly and proactively.

Operations Manager – is a Web-based UI of DataFabric Manager. It is used for day-to-day monitoring, alerting, and reporting on storage and netapp infrastructure.

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